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How is CPU made? August 19, 2010

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This clip shows you the processes of CPU making that involve wafer fabrication, photolithography, wafer etching, doping, grinding, cleaning, dicing and packaging. Basically, these are the common microfabrication processes of making many high-density systems; not limited to the CPU.

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The top 10 (norminated) inventions/discoveries of the last 50 years December 3, 2009

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A poll result revealed that the microptocessor is the top invention/discovery of the last 50 years, and the runner-up is the world wide web. Others nominated were (not in order of the ranking):
– the mobile phone
– space exploration
– magnetic resonance imaging
– the global optical fibre network
– error-correcting codes
– lasers
– public key encryption
– green chemistry

For more details of the ranking, please visit:

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